Of interest to the Broadcast Historian: Radio-1600 to 1950

Stories on early AM and FM development from trade magazines of the day.


Many scans courtesy of the Pavek Museum:  www.pavekmuseum.org


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RADIO: THE BEGINNING Early radio history Radio pioneers Pioneer stations
BROADCASTING AS A Radio regulations Studios and programs The audience
START-UP BUSINESS "Radiotorials" 1922--1924 Gernsback and the Editorials Predictions
AM-DIAL EVOLUTION AM dial 1920-1940 Rise and fall of the "Clear Channels" 1941 NARBA
BROADCASTING & THE Early technical information Wired Radio: three articles 50 kilowatts-plus
NEW TECHNOLOGIES Radio recording equipment AM Synchronization Consumer technologies
RADIO DISTRIBUTION National and regional networks Long-wave--Short-wave FM development
SPECIFIC-STATION INFO FCC upgrade records Early news stories Ch-ch-ch-changes

Early Radiophone  Jan, 1947

Radio Milestones  1962

Golden Age of technology  1970

(RETROSPECTIVES) AT&T Early Broadcasting  1975 "Early Radio" retro  1999 Radio World "Silver" retro  2000
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